LOD Bulletin - 10.21.18

LOD Bulletin - 10.21.18


We are super pumped to share this new format with you. For those used to getting the LOD Bulletin via email, you will still receive updates in your inbox that will now include a link back here to the feed on our site - now with live commenting!

Now for the BIG NEWS!

  • LOD Guarantee - we're stoked to announce that Liberty or Death Project products are now guaranteed for life! Seriously! Click here for more details.

Liberty or Death Project LOD Guarantee

  • Huge Hoodie Sale - we've murderously slashed prices on hoodies just in time for fall weather. We're talking less than $50 for amazing quality, badass, Made in the USA hoodies! Order now here.

Liberty or Death Project Hoodie Sale

  • LOD is in stores!!! - we are proud to partner with C2 Tactical so you can get some of our best designs in person and enjoy a lovely day at the best range in Arizona.

Liberty or Death Project RED Tee at C2 Tactical

Liberty or Death Project LOD Death Blend Beef Jerky Free Sample

  • Best of LOD Army - read on for some of the best posts from our LOD Army group on Facebook:

Customer Pics

Liberty or Death Project Kutte Tee 
Liberty or Death Project Kutte Tee
Check out the Daniels boys rocking the LOD Kutte Tee in the original and new V2. Looking badass, fellas!
Liberty or Death Project Skullmerica Patch and 2A Tee
EJ sent us this sweet pic of him representing the LOD Army in style with his Skullmerica Patch and 2A Tee. Thank you, brother!
Liberty or Death Project Ban Ignorance Tee and Don't Do It. Tee
Love this one from the always LOD FIT Sara and Ray Ray. Sara is sporting the Ban Ignorance Tee in charcoal and Ray Ray is bulging out of the Don't Do It. Tee in navy blue.
Liberty or Death Project RED Tee black
Our buddy Ron wears his RED Tee proudly every Friday. Available in 3 colors, all with red on them, this is our way of remembering everyone deployed on RED Fridays.
Liberty or Death Project Skullmerica Sticker
Love when we get sent pics of our stickers on people's rides. The Skullmerica Sticker will add badassness wherever you stick it. Also catching a glimpse of our flag in the reflection...

Best of the LOD Army

Here are some of the best recent posts from the LOD Army group on Facebook. Join now!

LOD Army Fanny Pack Meme

A Glock does not make the fanny pack/man bun combo okay.

LOD Army Pwease No Steppy Meme

Sad, but true.

Liberty or Death Project Pro Patria Mori Snapback and Skullmerica Patch

The Pro Patria Mori Snapback comes in 18 colors!!! And the Skullmerica Morale Patch has a velcro back (comes with its own attachable velcro plate) and GLOWS IN THE DARK!!!

LOD Army un-alive Meme

Yup. Go ahead an un-alive them.

LOD Army Axe Meme

One of our members posted this work in progress. This is seriously so badass. Can't wait to see the finished product.


Check out some of the newest gear from Liberty or Death Project. Click the pics to see more.


The LOD FIT Built By Bullets workout shirt


The LOD USA Tee comes in 4 colors for men and 2 for ladies.

Get your caffeine fix in Skullmerica style with this badass coffee mug! The logo is on both sides, so you can see the logo while you sip and envious passers by can see it too! WARNING: this may cause unwanted conversation as others approach you and ask where you got that badass mug. 


To all of those who interact with us on Facebook and Instagram, our website, via email, by sending us cool stuff and chatting with us at events - THANK YOU. We have such a blast doing this and love it when you take the time to tell us that you think our stuff is badass. You're all helping us build on this movement of proud patriots coming together to wear badass gear and help give back to veterans and first-responders along the way. We truly appreciate each and every one of you.

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